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Learning Programmes with TAworks: the signposts and routes

Over the past 20 years in groups of 12 or fewer, more than a thousand people from all walks of life and from all over the inhabited continents experienced serious fun and deep learning at TAworks.

Click on the following programmes offered by TAworks to navigate to more information:

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The Organisational & Educational programmes include 3 separate years each with 120 hours over 6 long weekend modules with a specific focus.

These modules focus on:

  • The Individual in the System and the interventions of coaching, mentoring, management and leadership

  • Teams and Groups inside Systems and the interventions of leadership, facilitation, learning and development and the interface with group dynamics

  • The System and consultancy interventions to profoundly impact organisational culture.


Our purpose is to examine the culture of systems - in societies, in organisations and institutions of all sizes; and in families and family businesses. We examine how culture evolves, how to consider what is involved, and the nature and impact of interventions - all through a TA lens.

During each of these year themes there is also a focus on each practitioner and what they bring to interpret the TA maps and choices they make. Contact Rosemary for more information or download a PDF outlining further information here.

The People Practitioner programme is biannual and 340 hours of learning for people facilitating personal development groups supporting change in individuals


This programme is designed for people such as youth workers, pastors, hairdressers - or via a role with a particular professional purpose such as doctors, nurses,social workers, osteopaths, personal trainers – or in a formal support role such as advisor, mentor, counsellor or coach. The learning is intense and focuses on expanding and strengthening the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Each year TAworks offers a one week intensive Summer School in Oxford for advanced transactional analysis on topics such as leading learning; systematic supervision; group dynamics; intercultural working. Contact Rosemary for more information. 



Our programmes are all designed around the competences detailed in the global handbook for examinations from EATA and ITAA. The qualification is the CTA in one of the following fields:

  • Education

  • Organisations

  • Counselling

To support individuals in the 24,000 word manuscript writing plus the production if recordings for the oral exam TAworks offers The Smithy focussing on you forging your own unique identity as a transactional analyst in your chosen field of practice. (It is possible to APL this CTA to a British masters degree) Contact Rosemary for more information.

Learning for TA Trainers and Supervisors

TAworks provides several opportunities:

  • Annual 3 day emergent event to prepare for the TEW and TSTA exams. There are closed groups of trainers and supervisors from all fields and around the world. We create an intensive experience of support and deep learning about the roles involving leading TA learning.

  • Visiting trainers can shadow TAworks staff and deliver up to 6 hours of training and observation and supervision supervised by a TSTA

Supervision of TA trainers and supervisors on a one to one basis face to face and remotely.

Contact Rosemary for more information.

Organisational and Educational
People Practitioner
TA Trainers and Supervisors
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