The fast-track Foundation in Transactional Analysis

Which of the plus points of this programme of learning fits your needs and wants?

  • You will develop your fluency in using TA concepts to think about situations

  • You will gain insight into how TA can be used in different roles – in the workplace; in learning; in families; by counselling and psychotherapists; in leadership; in coaching; in specific professions – as a way of thinking about effectiveness in these roles.

  • If successfully completed you will be able to choose which formal field of TA application you wish to progress to learning (organisational; educational; psychotherapy; councelling) towards qualifications – or for ongoing professional development; or to decide this learning is complete in itself. TAworks provides further learning in all fields.

  • You will gain a measure of your potential professionally and personally through this programme, including your capacity for emotional literacy.


Conveniently programmed online over nine events of 11 learning  hours approximately every four weeks, on a Friday afternoon from 1.30pm - 7.30pm, Saturdays from 9am - 6pm with a 90 minute break, for exercise/family and food in the middle of the day.

 The dates for the 2021 programme are the weekends of: January 29/30, February 26/27, March 26/27
April 23/24, May 21/22, June 18/19, July 9/10, Sept 3/4, Oct 1/2, Nov 5/6/7. A weekday programme can also be arranged if there are six or more people who request this.


In the early afternoon there is an invitation to safely reflect on your experience of your different roles between group meetings, plus a focus on our communication in the group, using TA as a framework for illuminating thinking about our experiences, and deciding how we might be and do differently. This is followed with a focus on extending and deepening understanding of specific TA concepts, with practical examples.


The key trainers are Rosemary Napper (TSTA Organisational & Educational; Accredited Counsellor BACP; MA Educational Studies with a TA based dissertation), and David Tidsall (PTSTA Psychotherapy and registered with UKCP)

Additional trainers from all fields will facilitate learning on some Saturdays.


Full details of the Foundation programme are available by downloading  this PDF document