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The fast-track Foundation in Transactional Analysis

Which of the plus points of this programme of learning fits your needs and wants?

  • You will develop your fluency in using TA concepts to think about situations

  • You will gain insight into how TA can be used in different roles – in the workplace; in learning; in families; by counselling and psychotherapists; in leadership; in coaching; in specific professions – as a way of thinking about effectiveness in these roles.

  • If successfully completed you will be able to choose which formal field of TA application you wish to progress to learning (organisational; educational; psychotherapy; councelling) towards qualifications – or for ongoing professional development; or to decide this learning is complete in itself. TAworks provides further learning in all fields.

  • You will gain a measure of your potential professionally and personally through this programme, including your capacity for emotional literacy.

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Details for 2025: TAworks is concerned about global warming caused by travel and also individual’s finances caused by global events and have made an ethical choice to create programmes with a mix of powerful experiential learning in 2 day zoom sessions mixed with two in-person intensives in Oxford, UK


Dates for 2025 are: Feb 27-Mar 2 in person, April 4/5, May 2/3, June 6/7, July 4/5, Sept 4-7 in person, Oct 3-5. A weekday programme can also be arranged if there are six or more people who request this.

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In the early afternoon there is an invitation to safely reflect on your experience of your different roles between group meetings, plus a focus on our communication in the group, using TA as a framework for illuminating thinking about our experiences, and deciding how we might be and do differently. This is followed with a focus on extending and deepening understanding of specific TA concepts, with practical examples.

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The key trainers are Rosemary Napper (TSTA Organisational & Educational; Accredited Counsellor BACP; MA Educational Studies with a TA based dissertation), and Siân Rivers who is a CTA-E who trained in TA Counselling

Additional trainers from all fields will facilitate learning on some Saturdays.

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Full details of the Foundation programme are available by downloading  this PDF document

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