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Learning TA at TAworks: the lie of the land


Like any organisation TAworks has its own culture, difficult to describe, best felt and smelt through meeting up with past learners (ask us if you want an intro or taste of it with a TA101).

"The TA workshop was a powerful learning experience for me. Despite the virtual connection Rosemary was able to create a true sense of of belonging and familiarity in the group. In the 2 days I've got many theoretical and practical insights on how to apply some TA lenses to my coaching practice. I would definitely recommend this training" - a TAworks student in 2020  

TAWorks is the UK's longest-standing provider of in-depth Counselling, Education and Organisational learning. Twenty years of experience offering TA learning provides opportunity for TAworks to continue to hone the quality of our unique focus on five elements:

  • Experiential learning:

    • So we usually initially structure the space for you to reflect on the significance and meaning of your own experience in your private or professional or systemic worlds

    • These significant aspects can then be considered using the TA maps, and thus you draw your conclusions about your experiences

    • Such TA analysis generates options for actions, for you to consider, prioritise and make decisions informed by TA perspectives on what to next experiment in doing

    • Which gives rise to new experiences for future reflection and analysis using your TA maps

  • Co-creative learning groups:

    • Each person’s learning is uniquely rooted in their own history, and experiencing others' inevitably differing perspectives in the TA group expands our own frame of reference about what it is to be human and visa versa. We learn from and with each other with engagement and authenticity and so refine our uniquely individual meaning-making.

  • Systemic perspectives:

    • As individuals we may perceive ourselves as becoming autonomous, and yet living in fractals deeply embedded in many systems which may influence us out of awareness: families, organisational workplaces, religions (including no religion), regions and countries, and so on. TAworks brings TA maps about systems to exclusive cultures, and acknowledging that TAworks itself is an organisation with a particular culture and reviewing this too with TA maps.

  • A relational approach:

    • This involves engagement, open communication, plus awareness that each of us has an internal world of light and dark areas, and these are all part of our vitality and is invariably communicated out of our awareness. As a learning group develops, these levels of relationship are part of the richness and multiplicity of levels of being human to explore with our TA maps

  • Emergent design:

    • At TAworks the curriculum has a deep structure and yet by focusing on experiential learning methods, fostering co-creativity through a relational approach, and holding and containing through the long view of systemic perspective, the resulting design is emergent. The concepts described in the interlocking TA maps provide the 'cognitive skeleton' upon which each learner, and each group creates their living vitality.

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