About us

TA can be about stories and the patterns they contain at social, psychological and existential levels. Here you can explore my narrative.

I originally took a full training in TA psychotherapy to add to my previous learning in psychodynamic counselling. Realising that I wanted to focus on strengthening health rather than focusing on mental disorder, I took a second training and qualification in Organisational TA. To complement my masters in Adult Learning I qualified in TA Education and then as Britain’s first CTA Counselling. I’m now a TSTA in these three fields of application.

I founded TAworks in 1997 to provide high quality experiential learning to inform practitioners in each field of TA - a few years ago we decided to cease our successful Psychotherapy training programme (with David Tidsall PTSTA) as this is readily available in UK and put our energy and focus on the three fields of practice that impact groups as well as individuals in their everyday lives.

The evolution of these programmes has led to a systemic perspective in all fields of practice - this means we view how cultures influence individuals, groups and organisations. We take a ‘no blame’ approach and create the conditions for a deep OK-OK co-creative climate in our training and in our practice.

Reflecting on the patterns that emerge from experience into awareness is a key working process, along with creating frameworks to support thinking about the meanings of such patterns, and thus grounding emotions. This anthropological approach may sound abstract - usually it turns out to be profoundly practical, energising and satisfying.

As well as providing full training in Oxford, I also contribute to TA training around the world - and so feed my love of travel. Each year since 2007 I work for a month in Brazil with ICP; and I regularly contribute in Japan, India, Singapore and Italy. Additionally it’s been a pleasure to professionally support TA in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Germany,the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Scotland, Korea, South Africa, and Mexico as well as attend TA conferences in Spain,Sweden, Norway, USA, Australia, Canada and Peru.

“TACTICS” is a practical book on how TA can contribute to the adult learning process written with Trudi Newton. It has been translated into Portuguese, Korean and Czech and is being translated into Japanese.
Trudi Newton (TSTA Education) and I have also written a chapter on TA and coaching in the Sage compendium on different psychological approaches to coaching. Together we also edited a TA Journal on Supervision, where I’ve also published an article on the similarities and differences between TA and Positive Psychology. My chapter in the Life Scripts book published by Karnac looks at the individual in context and how culture influences client and coach.

Intercultural understanding and collaboration have always been at the heart of my professional work within organisations and TA contributes conceptual frameworks to aid this work with from family businesses and small start-ups both private and not-for-profit to large international corporations and public sector organisations. Keeping alive a strand of such work informs the training process. I have also been active with TA organisations, keynoting at conferences and being president of ITAA and co-founding IARTA.

I personally deliver TA training in Oxford at all levels- from the initial 2 day TA”101” where there are always fresh questions to stimulate my thinking; through the various levels with the 450 hour training to qualification; the themed summer schools; and various groups for TA supervisors and trainers.However co- training such a range of programmes is vital and contributes to my own development and so Alex Piotrowska TSTA supports the Counselling programme, and Thorsten Geck the Organisational programme- and various visiting trainers from all over the world also contribute to the learners and my self.


TA is about what matters to people: How to be in relationship with others, becoming a professional. Being robust under stress and maintaining options for problem solving. Resilience and true autonomy when it comes to decisions … and many more. That’s what fascinates me when I started to learn TA and dive into its many theoretical and pragmatic aspects. I am still fascinated about the applications in private, professional and organisational life.

I am TSTA in Organisation (TSTA-O) and work with and in organisations.

Organisations are systems of rules and communication, often with hidden meaning which needs to be explored to make effective change. I don’t pretend to know what is going on but invite people to explore together and see what they want to change.

I am based in Hamburg, Germany and work with companies and NGO internationally. I support managers in becoming leaders via training and coaching. I facilitate group processes to help them to become a team by overcoming their conflicts.

Also, I train TA as a theory in human social dynamics in Germany, Czech, India and UK.