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Up Coming Opportunities

TAWorks is the UK's longest-standing provider of in-depth Counselling, Education and Organisational learning. The following opportunities are coming up in July:

  • The Official Intro to TA: the TA101 - 9th, 10th and 11th July

  • TA Training for TA Trainers on line - 3rd and 4th July

    • a real exploration into the art of training transactional analysts.

    • Serious fun with a small global group of PTSTAs and TEW preppers

    • Contact

  • Deepening the TA101 for TA Trainers online -  18th and 19th July

    • a radical look at the TA101 syllabus and consideration of a sensible sequence, and practice the craft of delivering 5 minute pieces

    • Contact

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