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Transactional Analysis Learning:

to enhance your potential in your professional and private worlds

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Transactional Analysis: An Atlas

TA can be considered as a set of maps about being human in a world with others

Some maps show the landscape: communication and relationships

Others map our underlying geology: our internal world

And a few describe the systems: our contexts we live together in - families, organisations and societies


So these maps can support us when we:

  • Plan to go into new relationships and environments

  • Experience being lost or somehow wrong -footed in our communication

  • Find our way forward is blocked and so we are diverted

  • Take time out to reflect on life

  • Want to deepen and expand our professional identity

TA is a social psychology first developed in the 1950’s by the Canadian Eric Berne.

Now in nearly 100 countries the theory and practise has evolved. At TAWorks we show this evolution and examine the innovative roots which brought together psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and existential ideas – and led us to contemporary theory and practice using transactional analysis with organisational and educational as well as coaching and counselling work practices.

The benefits of exploring TA with TAWorks include:

  • Getting to know yourself

  • Transforming your relationships

  • Discovering fresh ways of working

  • Finding your as yet undiscovered potential

  • Being able to helicopter above your experiences with frameworks to consider what happened and what next

  • Connecting at a deep level with others who are using TA maps on their journeys, from all over the world

  • Getting refreshed, becoming inspired and finding your own source of energy and aliveness


And as a professional benefiting from the profundity and coherence of the maps for supporting self as a practitioner working with individuals, groups and organisations to expand their vitality, growth and effectiveness in the world.

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